St. Paul’s Indian Church Conservation

The restoration included:
• Restoration of the lighted crosses on top of the spires
• Original wood/glass windows were sent to a heritage restoration company in Victoria
• Replacement of sheet metal cladding and dormer “bird-house” vents were fabricated to match the original spires
• Original fir shiplap sheathing and cedar rafters were replaced with materials matching the originals, including 30-foot long rough cedar rafters
• New gutters and downspouts that were more sympathetic to the historic character were fabricated
• Vents/louvres at the top of the towers were removed, repaired, reinstalled and painted back to their original condition
• Siding and trim repainted with the colour scheme as directed by the Heritage Consultant
• Dentils were removed and replicated to match the original specifications
• Structural repairs were made to the front of the church, including new entrance steps and new doors and hardware
• The original church bell and treated wood support were cleaned and repainted
• The original church cross was relocated for better viewing

Award received - Heritage Award of Outstanding Achievement. Read Article.

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