Syncra Construction works directly with the client during the pre-planning and design phases to ensure success for the construction stage. 

By partnering with our clients, we function as a trusted advisor, providing a tailored level of engagement—whether they want a hands-on or hands-off approach.  

For many successful projects, Syncra Team is involved early in the process, attending development meetings and providing comprehensive feedback in terms of constructability, design, and costing, and applying our industry expertise to help with all aspects, from budgeting to construction feedback. Doing so enables our clients to eliminate as much risk as possible, along with unexpected surprises during the design and development process. 

What do we focus on?

For our clients, Syncra provides the following:

  • Draft project qualifications and simplified specifications, to help bridge any design gaps
  • Build a construction schedule with trades input
  • Advise on trades and other options for each project
  • Provide a detailed budget, even at a conceptual stage, by reviewing historic and market rates
  • Detail a construction cash flow projection, with updates and adjustments at key milestones
  • Assist with all details and steps needed for getting financing in place
  • Provide value engineering, applying construction management and general contracting expertise
  • Complete drawing reviews and check for key issues

Syncra Pre-construction Team provides realistic schedules and budgets, so our clients can make informed choices throughout pre-construction. Changes after the fact or after the development permit are often costly, but avoidable. Working closely with our clients, we advise them on critical milestones—which decisions need to be made early and what steps are critical. Syncra helps to prioritize key roles and expectations, so there is always clear accountability.