General Contracting

Syncra Construction provides full construction services, acting as a qualified builder of the client’s project. 

By providing full construction services in a more traditional role as General Contractor, we are clients’ trusted construction partner. They can focus on other aspects of their project, while Syncra Team prepares a detailed estimate and tender in strict accordance with the design drawings and specifications prepared by the Architect and Consultants. With expertise as a General Contractor, Syncra often works—and partners—with repeat clients, consultants and subtrades.

Depending on financing and other construction requirements, Syncra manages the construction planning, through a transparent, open process, and helps with the tendering process. Given our industry expertise, we can advise on selecting key trades and help to mitigate risks. 

Syncra can also provide a fixed price for the complete construction of the project. As the General Contractor, Syncra Team will deliver the entire construction of the project for the agreed upon price and schedule, barring any changes being made to the design and specifications. 

For our clients, we provide the following:

  • Manage all construction-related costs
  • Prepare budgets, including cost control, and provide full project accounting
  • Provide tendering, along with detailed scopes of work
  • Schedule control and sequencing of all construction activities
  • Lead and manage site set up, complete supervision, and coordinate site work
  • Ensure quality through our QA/QC Program
  • Ensure site safety through our Corporate Safety Program
  • Complete project close-out documentation, including control and submittal
  • Guide requirements around sustainability