Commercial Construction Projects

Simplifying Commercial Construction for Teams Across the Lower Mainland

Commercial construction projects shape our cities on a large scale with office buildings, retail spaces, industrial facilities, government buildings, and unique cultural spaces. This type of construction sustains people's lives and enriches the communities in which they serve.

Minimizing the disruptive impact these types of construction jobs can impose on neighbourhoods requires skilled crew members, strict adherence to regulations, and meticulous planning involving large teams, equipment rentals, and heavy equipment.

Syncra Construction's flexible, adaptable approach has been streamlining the efficiency of commercial construction projects across the Lower Mainland since 2005.

The Types of Commercial Construction Services We Offer

Our portfolio includes concrete high-rises, low- and mid-rise condominiums, institutional facilities, innovative office buildings, and First Nations cultural spaces covering large masses of land. We never know what our next project will be, but we're confident in our capacity to deliver exceptional results!

Experienced Project Management from Start to Finish

We're not just concerned with what occurs on the job site; we're invested in every detail of the entire project, from its inception to the final walk-through and everything that follows.

Syncra Construction's comprehensive pre-construction services are integral to the company's continuing success. A well-informed, decisive project management style ensures that we achieve every milestone as planned, regardless of the type of structure involved. Clients appreciate our value engineering expertise in lowering costs and keeping projects moving.

Budgeting is a lot easier when you understand the ins and outs of general contracting as we do. Commercial stakeholders have rigid schedules, and our team members expedite construction plans with confident expertise.

Commercial Construction of Every Scale

Commercial construction at Syncra Construction includes projects of every size and shape. From smaller structures and unique installations to epic builds in the heart of Vancouver's waterfront, each new project we take on brings its share of challenges to overcome.

Regardless of project size, careful planning, attention to detail, and a deep-rooted commitment to client satisfaction have enabled our many achievements.

If you're curious to learn more about how our building of commercial structures can deliver peace of mind for you and your stakeholders, we welcome all inquiries.

The construction process for institutional facilities, commercial buildings, and office buildings involves careful planning, design, site preparation, foundation work, framing, and finishing. Each stage requires experienced professionals to ensure a successful completion.


Secure the Project Manager and Construction Contractors You Need

Syncra Contracting is a leader in the local commercial construction industry. A glimpse into our commercial portfolio tells the story of our success in large-scale builds. Whether you need a 10-story office space or a unique cultural pavilion, our team is happy to collaborate with major commercial development companies on any new structure.

With a focus on client satisfaction, quality, and timely project delivery, Syncra Construction offers reliable pre-construction knowledge, construction management, and general contracting services. From the construction bidding process to the final cleanup, Syncra Construction is driven to exceed your expectations.

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